Photograph of Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret Photograph by Ron Roels - L994.D.007.021

Image showing Princess Margaret signing a guest book. Image is 25.5 cm by 20.5 cm. Beside the guest book is the Queen Anne Bible.

On August 8, 1951, 27-year-old Her Royal Highness Princess Margret visited Niagara and is seen here adding her signature to a guestbook. She also signed the large Queen Anne Bible that was given to the Mohawks in 1714. Once associated with Queen Anne's Chapel in the Mohawk Valley, the Bible was secretly moved to Canada during the American Revolutionary War and was kept at the Royal Chapel of the Mohawks, which was built in 1784 in present-day Brantford. Also present in the photo are Six Nations elected Chief Walter Lickers and the notoriously abusive principal of the Mohawk Institute, Reverend Cannon William Zimmerman (second from left). Zimmerman, who was accused of assaulting Indigenous children, became the keeper of the Bible during his tenure at the Mohawk Institute. The Mohawk Institute was a residential school for Indigenous children operated by the Anglican Church and the federal government.


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