Beaded Purse - L991.P.070

Made of black velvet, with a pink cotton lining, and with blue cotton trim around the outside edge. Measures approximately 12.7cm by 13cm. The folded over closer has a snap. Niagara Falls is in gold beads on the flap. Burgundy and light blue swags are located around the edge of the purses bottom.

Black, dark blue, or red were popular background colors for these coin purses. As more colors of beads became available, Tuscarora and Seneca beadworkers increased their color palette moving away from all clear or all white beads. The floral designs recall an ancient connection to nature but were also influenced by embroidery and beading styles made popular through magazines like Godey's Lady's Book, which was published from 1830 to 1878. This purse dates to 1941 showing how older styles were updated with added colors and shapes.

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