Beaded bag

Beaded Bag - L998.D.010.856

The characteristic style of beading, called embossed or raised beadwork, can be seen on purses, such as this, as well as wall hanging, watch pockets, scissor holders, picture frames, pin cushions, sofa pillows, and moccasins. The rows of beads in the leaves are crossed over an underlying row of bigger beads to create a curved effect. In addition, the beadworker uses light and dark colors to enhance the visual impact of the shape. Notice the use of clear beads to create more depth. The top flap would lift up to reveal the pocket of the purse or could be used to loop it over a belt for carrying. Originally, this purse most likely had repeating loops of beads along the outside edge of the bottom half. The contrasting pink and green beads add visual tension to the design to dazzle the eye. The reverse side was beaded with the same design.

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